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Biotactix Consulting Ltd offers a service designed to help companies meet the exacting requirements necessary for them to remain on the developing and changing European biocides market and will work with these companies to develop strategic insights into the various business segments that are impacted by the Biocidal Products Directive. 98/8 ec.

The protection of hard-earned intellectual property and the exploitation of investment opportunities is a necessary and common requirement for many businesses...manufacturers and formulators alike. Biotactix can help ensure that these companies meet and overcome the regulatory challenges ahead and that the right decisions are made to ultimately deliver the required commercial outcomes.

Whether it is through the use of the seven-point plan developed from direct experience of the process which we now use for product authorisation applications, or strategic advice on how the new regulations will impact a particular sector, Biotactix can provide the clarity and understanding of these issues that companies need to protect and grow their business.

Summary of our services:

  • Strategic regulatory affairs advice on pesticide and biocide registration processes
  • Dossier production and application management for pesticides and biocides
  • Biological human health and environmental impact risk assessments
  • Investigation and management of adverse pesticide and biocide incidents
  • Expert Witness and support to litigators in cases of alleged ill-health and adverse environmental impact